Your physiotherapist

Céline Poirier Herrmann welcomes you to her office located in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie.

Your physiotherapist is specialized in orthopedic, traumatological, rheumatic, neurological and respiratory rehabilitation of infants and adults.

Having studied in Germany and subsequently worked in Alsace and Paris, she takes care to target your problem with different approaches in order to apply the best suited physiotherapy techniques to your situation. For this, she works on joint flexibility, muscle stretching, muscle strengthening in a gentle and adapted way.

Each patient is received in individual sessions of half an hour. At the end of your sessions, your physiotherapist will provide you a list of exercises to perform on a daily basis, in order to maintain the benefits of rehabilitation.

Home consultations are performed based on a justified prescription from your doctor, please contact the practice by phone to book an appointment.

Languages spoken: French, German and English.


Contact details :
61 route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie
Phone : +352 691 307 226
Email :

Bus stops : Hippodrome & Willibrord


During the first appointment, your physiotherapist takes the time to know her patients and their medical history in order to propose the best suited treatment to their needs. For this, it is essential to bring the prescription prescribed by your doctor as well as the medical examinations.


The CNS covers 100% of the sessions of patients presenting a prescription for the treatment of a serious pathology or post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as the treatment of children under 18 years of age.

The CNS covers 70% of the sessions of patients presenting a prescription for the treatment of a common pathology. In this case, the patient's share is 30%.

Prescribed act Code Tariff *
Simple orthopedic rehabilitation: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle... ZK10 42,93€
Complex orthopedic rehabilitation: torso or several joints ZK11 51,52€
Respiratory rehabilitation ZK12 42,93€
Neurological rehabilitation affecting only one limb ZK14 42,93€
Neurological rehabilitation affecting several limbs and/or torso ZK15 51,52€
Manual lymphatic drainage of a limb ZK16 42,93€
Manual lymphatic drainage of several limbs ZK17 51,52€
Physical check-up ZB10 51,52€
Travel expenses ZD10 12,26€

* Tariffs applicable as of 09/01/2023

Your physiotherapist also provides the following services outside the nomenclature:
Wellness massage 30 minutes : 55€
Wellness massage 1 hour : 110€